Thursday, 12 January 2012

New designs....

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Kimono Leaves - designed by Belinda - coming soon............

Thursday, 18 November 2010

KNIT 2 Tog - knitting group

KNIT 2 tog….

Ruth runs/hosts a knitting-around-the-kitchen-table-drinking-tea-chatting-and-knitting event every Wednesday afternoon at her house… and so today we met – …Debbie (from the States) who was knitting a hat/beret in the round, Joyce (founder member of the Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild) came for chat and tea, Bernard (fabulous! 80 years old) knitting a pom-pom yarn scarf for a pressie for Christmas, Sue H was knit-testing one of my cable sock patterns in my hand-dyed alpaca and silk mix, Sue was making a pair of fingerless gloves, Ruth was knitting her skinny rib gloves out of purple cashmere (ooooo) for her daughter Rachel and I was test-knitting some fingerless cable gloves… and we ate some of Harry’s birthday cake (Ruth’s youngest – she has 5 children! Aged from 32 to 14!) – he was 14 yesterday.

We spoke about the royal engagement and joining seams together professionally and the big KNIT show and auctions and and…

the big KNIT show - hosted by KNIT expo!

the big KNIT show

WOW! what fun…. 100s of people came to the big KNIT show in Exeter on Saturday 13th Nov! Ruth and I were absolutely thrilled to finally meet all the fabulous yarn suppliers and hand-dyers, farmers and spinners, bead sellers and felters! Amazing bunch of people; gracious and friendly, inspirational! We will be hosting the big KNIT show next year – … watch this space… – please look on our website for more images :0) –

Devon Fine FIbres - gloves in development... coming soon :0)

I do love to knit….

I have been developing a new pattern for Devon Fine Fibres… in their delicious cashmere – so so soft – please check out their website:…. – here is me playing about with my new gloves :0) – pattern soon downloadable on my site.

(my site has been taken down today because I exceeded my upload limit - blast... will be back on track tomorrow!)

Wooo hoooo

KNIT expo – … all of everything

We are encouraged that hand-knitting has always been on the hands of ordinary people. It is, and always has been, a quiet and underrated skill, usually passed from woman to woman.

The world we inhabit is rich in things but poor in company and the practical achievement of seeing our won design form on the needles gives us true satisfaction. Knitting takes time; it is slow and gentle work.

There are many sheep in Devon (and goats and alpacas) and god mills, and dyers, and skilled knitters. We live in Devon – it is our home, but we want to generate an exciting energy about hand-knitting and quality design, that reverberates around the country and beyond. It is, we think, about joining up the dots, and getting the message out there, that knitting is wonderful.

Knit expo host/organise:
  • the big KNIT show annually (a knitting trade show; inspirational and educational).
  • regular KNIT ins (fixed or travelling) as ‘seedbeds’ for new and experienced knitters for mutual support and learning.
Other ideas/dreams are starting to form. KNIT expo; knitting is literally, in our hands!
Keep knitting – hugs!

Belinda and  Ruth!

Monday, 16 August 2010

KNIT expo....

We are beginning the journey:
We will keep you up to speed on all our doings - okay?
Warm hugs
Belinda & Ruth (Knitting people together)! :0)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Respect Festival...

Ruth and I (Founder members of KNIT expo) hosted the acoustic stage @ the Respect Festival 2010 in Exeter - 12, 000 people came to see the more fabulous and esoteric mix of musicians, dancers, performers from around the world...

Unity in Diversity