Thursday, 18 November 2010

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KNIT expo – … all of everything

We are encouraged that hand-knitting has always been on the hands of ordinary people. It is, and always has been, a quiet and underrated skill, usually passed from woman to woman.

The world we inhabit is rich in things but poor in company and the practical achievement of seeing our won design form on the needles gives us true satisfaction. Knitting takes time; it is slow and gentle work.

There are many sheep in Devon (and goats and alpacas) and god mills, and dyers, and skilled knitters. We live in Devon – it is our home, but we want to generate an exciting energy about hand-knitting and quality design, that reverberates around the country and beyond. It is, we think, about joining up the dots, and getting the message out there, that knitting is wonderful.

Knit expo host/organise:
  • the big KNIT show annually (a knitting trade show; inspirational and educational).
  • regular KNIT ins (fixed or travelling) as ‘seedbeds’ for new and experienced knitters for mutual support and learning.
Other ideas/dreams are starting to form. KNIT expo; knitting is literally, in our hands!
Keep knitting – hugs!

Belinda and  Ruth!

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